abbreviation for "Electronic Dance Music"

- includes trance, house, techno, breakbeat, gabber, hardcore, and much, much more.
"I like EDM in general-- not just trance."
by Macro June 4, 2004
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What people who started listening to dance music in 2011 call dance music. The rest of the world knows it as dance music, or they just refer to the various genres within it.

Now, EDM refers to the 128 BPM "big room" rage stuff from the likes of Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Gareth Emery, etc. for which 18 year-old frat bros will gladly sacrifice their first borns to hear at music festivals while wearing a neon tank top that says "DIRTY GIRLS LIKE DIRTY BEATS" and rolling on MDMA. For some reason, it's all categorized as progressive house on Beatport.
1: Dude, I am THE biggest Above & Beyond fan EVER. They make the best EDM songs EVER. Like, "Sun & Moon" blew my mind when I was candy flipping at Ultra this year!!!
2: Yeah, it's pretty good, I kinda liked "Alone Tonight" better though.
1: What's that?
2: Kill yourself.
by system f December 11, 2013
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EDM is erectronic dance music and has the power to sexually excite people to dance, in which the sounds stimulate sexual arousal which leads to erections and sexual gratitude.
It can also promote babies unless it’s ear rape which the the bass and other sounds from EDM are notorious for.
You: Do you wanna go out and have fun?
Me: Yes, I wanna dance to some EDM at the club!
by gregben June 5, 2021
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1. Electronic Dance Music. The genre of music of which the listener cannot possible remain stationary while enjoying.

2. The music of the gods
Willie: I like to listen to some EDM with my Uncle Travis the #twitterking
Mary: When Trav pumps that EDM, everybody's gotta dance! It's like he's a stud muffin or something.
by DictionaryQueen123 December 15, 2017
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1. Electronic dance music.

2. Everyday Minerals. (company)
Dude, I'm so psyched for the rave, edm is way better than rock.
You said it man, we're going to melt some faces.
by aychbee January 24, 2010
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Electronic Dance Music. A term seldom used correctly, EDM is not a genre of electronic music but rather a classification that covers any electronic music that is intended to be danced to. Thus most Techno and House music, as well as most electronic in general, falls into the EDM category. In more specific or informal usage, EDM describes intense rave-focused genres such as Brostep, Electro House and Hardstyle.
"The best way to troll an Aphex Twin fan is to call his music EDM."
by áutechre November 8, 2017
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Event Driven Marketing.

Simply put the Event Driven Marketing (EDM) approach is to analyse each customer’s needs and actions in order to determine when they need something (Customer pull) not when you want to sell them something (Product Push).

More formally, Event Driven Marketing (EDM) is the discipline within marketing, where commercial and communication activities are based upon these relevant and identified changes in a customer's individual needs (see Wikipedia).

In this context, an “Event” is defined as a detectable change in an Individual’s circumstances, today, which is relevant and significant, either in fact or in their mind.
An example of EDM might be the deposit of a large amount of money. At this time, the customer is likely to re-assess their financial situation to cater for these new and changed circumstances.

They may consider moving house, purchasing a car, investing, opening a savings account for their child, etc. Thus, if a bank could determine an Event such as this in a customer’s life, it would represent an excellent opportunity to contact them in order to offer appropriate products and services.
by kingbeard March 9, 2014
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