A scumbag company that doesn't give a flying shit what they do to get money .
man we should really boycott Blizzard
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The act of farting cocaine onto someone's face.
Let's get a hooker and have her blast a blizzard on us.
by therealflamer April 14, 2017
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A company that shatters the hopes and dreams of people around the world by feeding them false patch update news for World of Warcraft and getting them excited for nothing.
"Did you hear about Druid healers being buffed next patch? I can't wait!"

"Nah man, it's Blizzard, do you really think they'd stick with it?"
by HellsingDMC November 1, 2014
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n. A game company which creates the most addictive award-winning games.

Has created Starcraft and Warcraft universes, and the ever-popular Diablo game.
Hey, look, that game was made by Blizzard.
by Wasted-Blodmage August 25, 2003
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Despite the fact that they're not a mining company, they're always hitting gold.
Dude. You played WoW? Blizzard really struck gold with that.
by DTraj December 16, 2007
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When the male shakes his penis vigorously over his girlfriends face while he is cumming to create a blizzard like effect.
Yo man! I gave my girlfriend a blizzard last night in the back seat of the car and she had nothing to wipe it off with so she had to get out and wipe her face on the grass.
by Detroit What MOFO December 6, 2010
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the act of ejaculating into a fan thus causing the sperm to fly in all directions and covering any person thats in front of it
after i had sex with that bitch last night I gave her a blizzard
by hplg December 12, 2009
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