When one purposely gets drunk enough to attain the condition of beer goggles in order to survive an otherwise embarrassing sexual encounter with somebody who is physically unattractive.
Tom's evening was nearly ruined when his friends forced him to play wingman with the fat ugly broad who was cockblocking and impeding their chances of scoring it with her more attractive companions. Fortunately, he utilized his wits and before he could take one for the team, he downed several bottles of Dogfish Head 90 Minute India Pale Ale, then nailed the bitch while his inebriated senses mistook her for a Jessica Alba lookalike and enjoyed every minute of it. When he was done, he got dressed and got out while still drunk, otherwise he could have passed out and woken up moments later sober and with the poor man's Rosie O'Donnell in bed with him. Thus, his safety goggles did work after all.
by Terminus_Est May 14, 2011
When someone has on sunglasses for the sole purpose of looking at tits.
Guy 1: Nice shades.

Guy 2: These? They're just my safety goggles.
by S.E.D. June 6, 2011
The sexual act in which a woman puts testicals In her eyes (hence safety goggles) and her tongue up an ass hole while the cock is slapped against her forehead. Usually willing but in forced cases see safety sunglasses
aj: did u hear that girl squeal when the got a pearl necklace? logan: ya dude i heard mike gave her some safety goggles too! aj: she had chocolate on her lips, extra eye lashes and a white head band on?!
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
Chinese Safety Goggles. When you dont have any safety goggles on hand and need to protect your eyes, you simply squint. Looking like a china-man and protecting your peepers.
John: "Hey Brian arent you going to use some safety goggles when you are tearing apart that tile floor?"

Brian: "Naw bra I dont need them. I have my Chinese Safety Goggles on. I never leave home without these baddies."
by Brain the Great January 29, 2010