A basketball shot in which the ball is launched into a considerably higher arc than that of a normal shot. It is usually the weopon of smaller players (usually Guards) to score over the top of larger players. They can be taken of both feet as a normal jumpshot just pushed higher or off of one like a high launched lay up.
Nash hits the teardrop shot to tie the game
by Kendle_cranks June 7, 2006
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the best classification of ass-shape that a white girl can hope for. it's shaped like a teardrop and only looks good in the right pair of pants.

see also: onion
damn that white girl got a onion!

nah son, that's just a teardrop, look at the shape
by knowledge August 28, 2004
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the shape that water takes when you cry

Other objects can also look like teardrops
"Kaitlin was sad because her face looked like a teardrop"
by Intrepid jubilation December 2, 2016
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One who has only one testicle. The scrotem looks like a teardrop when there is only one marble in the beanbag.

AKA John Kruk
John has a teardrop, wonder what they did with the other ball
by Loose Goose August 4, 2005
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When you screw your girlfriend so hard that she actually squirts so much she wets through the top bunk to you bunk buddy below. When he looks up he gets her juices in his eyes and then jumps out of bed and screams.
Mikey jumped out of his bunk with teardrops in his eyes, after I screwed Holly.
by jimmyonjuice April 12, 2010
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The universal symbol used in male jewelry to indicate the owner is currently dealing with obsessed women in his life who he wants none of. The jewelery is used as a warning to other brothers out there and as a ploy for the bitches to show he is sorry for the tears he is causing.
Friend 1: "Yo my dude eskay, why are you rockin the teardrop round your neck?"

Eskay: "Son, straight up bitches be crying, Early"
by DafifthV September 4, 2009
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When a man is about to go down on a woman. When he begins to bring his head closer to her vagina, and he then either notices or smells something he doesn't like about it, and then in one smooth "teardrop" motion brings his head right back up and away from her vagina.
"I was about to eat her out and it wasn't smelling too good so i had to evacuate using the teardrop"
by bucsfan2830 February 22, 2010
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