Something that you carry with you every day. Commonly used in self-defense circles in reference to folding knives, handguns, flashlights, tactical pens, etc. - My EDC knife is a Rick Hinderer XM-18.
by Tutone August 10, 2013
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Or everyday carry, is "at its core, show and tell for grown ups."

It is what an individual carry's in their pockets or has on their person on a daily basis. Items may include, but are not limited to: phone, wallet, keys, watch, knife, headphones, coins, pen/pencil, chap stick, etc.
My Iphone is part of my EDC, along with my truck keys and wallet.
by casperteek January 23, 2020
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Electric Daisy Carnival

the biggest rave of the year usually held at the USC colliseum in downtown
ryan: hey are you going to edc?
joe: hellll yeah, i already got my ticket!!
by jooooooo May 19, 2008
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Every Day Carry

items you carry with you every day
My current EDC is a pocket knife, a flashlight and my HK USP.
by Elbios December 15, 2006
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The East Didsbury Cru are the most terrifying gang within Manchestwoh and are feared by fellow "gangs" WMD and CDC.

Yo WMD are gown get fucked up by ma EDC bois brap brap!
by EDC membwoh May 21, 2006
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Main Entry: E·D·C
Pronunciation: E Dee See
Function: verb
To have the whole world learn that you got a small penis because "secret" pictures of you and your ex girlfriends having sex that distributed all over the internet.
Edison: YO nig I am so black!
Frd: dude you got edced
Edison: Say what? that disssrepect yo.
by Nic Tse February 7, 2008
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A Awesome youtuber who is very good at editing and making vids he is a baller gets all the lambos and tanks aka Jake Paul aka Elon musk aka Bill gates
by Sket69420 November 15, 2019
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