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1. A belt made from leather

2. Ohh duude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt? AHH! Level 18?! *gasp gasp*; from Video Compilers "Ventrilo Harrassment"

3. Equipment in World of Warcraft
1. HOLY CRAP MAN! Look at that leather belt!

2. Ohh duude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt? AHH! Level 18?! *gasp gasp*

3. Oh man...could I buy your Leather belt..?
by RedSauce April 30, 2008
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1. Ash's name for Pikachu in the Youtube Poop Video: Ash's Retarded Adventures. Ash's normal voice is played and someone else's voice saying "leatherbelt" is dubbed over "Pikachu". Normally, saying the name is followed by a loud "AHHH!" noise that's dubbed over Pikachu's video clips as a reply.
Ash: " Leatherbelt, open your mouth and tell me what's wrong!"

Pikachu: "AAAAAHHHHH."

Watcher: "....wth."
by AIMB August 19, 2010
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During intercourse the man shits and molds it into a long stringy shape and freezes it. When the shit is frozen the man ties it around their partners waist or can whip their partner with the frozen poop string saying “who’s your daddy now!” Or “you get 20 lashings bitch.”
“Larry told me he made a leather belt on Angela last night.”
by KERMIT DE FRAG FUCKER August 03, 2018
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