A sexual position where the female is in a superior position by placing herself on top of the male and facing his feet.
Kymber loves to please her man by exposing her booty to him while riding him reverse cowgirl style.
by Fitz Wright January 22, 2004
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sex position. usually, the man is on his back, while the woman straddles him, with her back facing his head. she then rides him like a horse.
by not here January 29, 2003
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A sex position loved by farmers because it reminds them of what they do at home. To do the reverse cowgirl the dude lays on his back while the misso sits on top of him and he pounds her pussy.
"do u wanna reverse cowgirl later tonight?"

"omg yes daddy i just creamed"
by crackedfortnitekid May 5, 2022
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a sex position like the others say yet except both members partaking in the act must where cowboy hats and when the climax approaches the male counterpart hollers yeeeeeee-haawwww and the best friend of this male love maker comes running in with a video camera and tapes the rest of the action
we were at the party when we heard someone yell YEEAHHHAAWW but just assumed there was some reverse cowgirl going on
by geoff September 19, 2005
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A sex position in which the (female) recipient of oral sex sits on or squats over her partner's face, facing the giver's feet.
I ate her out, reverse cowgirl style.
by Jo'Mamma March 22, 2008
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a sex position in which the female is on top of the male with her back facing towards him, ridin it like a cowgirl (only backwards)!

.. basically upside-down doggy-style.
dude: "how you want me to hit it?"
bitch: "i'm bout to ride you like a reversed cowgirl"
by bLACEk December 27, 2007
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when you sit the opposite way on the toilet to poop. You then have a little desk to do whatever but you have to take your pants off.
I came home to a relaxing reverse cowgirl and read a book while doing so
by steelcougar80 March 23, 2012
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