n. A magical artifact that provides the wearer protection from receiving oral sex.
It's not just a wedding ring, it's a +5 Ring of Protection against oral sex.
by SkidMarkyMark May 25, 2006
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John's life hasn't been the same since he got married, it's like that wedding ring has stopped him from having fun.
by Xcluxive April 12, 2007
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an object that will stop things from putting out.
thay sould use a wedding ring to stop the bp oil spill from putting out all that oil.
after he put that wedding ring on, i heard he stoped putting out.
by ramonski2 June 13, 2010
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A broken condom wrapped around on a male partner's penis after the completion of vaginal intercourse by an unmarried couple in fairly serious relationship; or thereby, resulting in unexpected pregnancy leading to marriage.
"Last night, I was banging my girl, and I cummed in her not knowing that condom was busted."

"That sucks, man. I hope that wedding ring is not gonna chain you down with that girl."
by Nubo March 27, 2008
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To clean out your foreskin and throw the nasty in a girls mouth.
Hey man that girl likes when i give her the wedding ring.
by DeLarsh January 15, 2009
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A huge scam invented by De Beers Group to trick people into spending thousands of dollars for a metal ring with some shiny stone on it.
Why should we buy a wedding ring? Those things are a waste money! We both already know that we love each other, so let's go get married already. No need to buy an overpriced ring.
by HiThere383329 February 8, 2022
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The semen left on the hand of your partner after a hand job.
She went to wash her hands. I gave her a nice wedding ring.
by Freddie February 21, 2005
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