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"Abby was jerking in last night on Skype for me; It was so hot"

"Dude, Could a slang for female masturbation be 'jerk in'?"
"I don't know man, is it on Urban Dictionary?"
by ThisIsArtRightHere September 12, 2017
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1. An urban dance style originally started in Cali that became a nation wide phenomena over night.Crews name themselves after pop culture references and frequently call each other out over Youtube videos.

One can wear anything when jerkin. Some crews prefer skinny jeans and brightly colored clothing.It is predominatly a male dance- though some females have been known to jerk.

During the videos, one can see a large amount of wherever the jerkers are as they seem to dance any and everywhere which has added to jerkins overall appeal.

Special jerkin music is used but you can jerk to anything if you want.
different examples in this

Random kid: my dude i hear niggas be talkin bout jerkin battles

Random kid: they aint never seen it like this before. it's gonna be a jerk-off after school
by Dr.Jerky and Mr. Hyde April 24, 2009
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Originating in the northern part of California, jerkin is an urban dance style for the youth that's starting an epidemic around the nation. Evolving from the famous East-Coast juke dancing, jerkin is a similar dance style that involves minor footwork, extreme bending at the knees, and being "geeked up." You can see people doing it at any house party or after school or even in a parking lot.
-"We havin' a party tonight, you guys comin?!"

-"You guys gonna be jerkin?!"
by PrettyP March 08, 2009
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A new fad that will be gone in 2 years. Where the participant
dances in a seizure like pattern. Usually the "jerkers" wear skinny jeans, flannels, and skateboarding brand shoes. Basically what skateboarders have been wearing for the past 5 years.
"yo dude check out mah swagg jerkin' yo"
by saywhat/2 November 17, 2009
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Jerkin' or Jerk is a Los Angeles dance movement. The Jerk movement started in 2008 in Los Angeles and spread across Southern California. Since 2009, jerkin' has gained fans along the West Coast and is gaining popularity on the East Coast.

The dance itself consists of moving your legs in and out called the "jerk", and doing other moves such as the "reject", "dip", and "pindrop"
by $upreme November 27, 2009
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a dance that began in los angeles

began in 2008
1: what dance is that?
2: dudes jerkin'
by dgarrard87 March 08, 2009
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A popular dance movement in Los Angeles, California. Jerkin is an urban dance style for the youth,jerkin involves minor footwork, extreme bending at the knees. You can do it on the car or sitting on the bench. These boys be jerkin so good. As Ceejay would say "we getts it!!"
by dRe-T April 28, 2009
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