A exclamation of excitement, usually used when someone makes a joke about another person or their mother. This is only used if the joke is funny.
Shaina: dude me and Jonny are such good friends!

Evan: ya tighter that shaina's v****a!

Jonny: HE'S DONE!

(High five motion between Evan and Jonny)
by J-crou March 9, 2011
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To make something stupid up, with no evidence whatsoever and then say it out loud with such conviction that other stupid people think it is correct.
POTUS: Finland don't have forest fires because they rake and clean the forest floor.

Any person with IQ >50: He's done a Donald again.
by Little Irish Man August 5, 2019
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To break ones leg more than one time in a short period of time.
He's done a Cisse - Djibril Cisse, a professional footballer broke his legs ( one right one left) in a very short period of time for both club and country.The left for club and the right a short period of time after the left. Could be used to Describe someone who had broken two windows in a day IE - "he has done a cisse"
by Stewart_Northern_Ireland August 28, 2008
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noun: A place where you end up when you get utterly owned
Yo Will what happen to Chris in Halo?
He Done gone to Hades!
by OmegaBastard November 20, 2007
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