Tricia is humble girl knows she is beautiful but does not flaunt it. She is classy, sophisticated, and very appealing to the eye. She has a heart of gold and a heart so big she leaves her legacy everywhere she goes and remembered by everyone she meets. She has talent which can only be ignited when she is truly happy. Her eyes are like staring into the doorway of her soul as the purest most genuine person you would ever know. Her words are mesmorizing as she has a tendency to say sentimental things that would really become heart felt. Her smile gives you the warmest feeling of just being part of knowing someone so exquisite. Men are in line to be her king as she is very good of being an independent queen. Anyone that has encountered a Tricia would say she is an amazing girl and once in a lifetime girl so hold on to her if she comes your way. She is a great friend and lover as she goes all out for people she cares about making sure they are always happy and content. A lover she seems shy but she is classy in being sexually inclined and explores the bedroom to make sure her partner is pleased. Be sure to never get on her bad side as a there is no coming back from a woman's scorn. Tricia has a honest personality if you get caught lying to her you have to face her disgust. She is easily intrigued by intelligence, charm and anyone that listens and actively engage her in conversation.
That Tricia is a once in a lifetime woman
by Asreal December 28, 2016
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a beautiful woman that everyone enjoys having around. she will be able to make you smile and laugh even if you don't want and she will make you happy even if she isn't happy herself. Just don't get on her bad side or you're in for a world of pain.
"That is an amazing woman"
"Thats tricia"
by little psycho September 8, 2016
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The most lovable, calm,kind, generous, gorgeous, brilliant, and talented person that you will ever meet. Will always be there for you and will never abandon your side at all. Far different from anyone, The fact Tricia understanding is broader than football field,I fall in love with Tricia everyday for the rest of my life. Tricia is a person that you will always be proud for.
"I am so lucky to have a Tricia in my life"
by leahpar🔄 November 24, 2021
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A beautiful Pretty girl, a girl you will never forget, a girl that you will fall in love with 1st sight, smart, funny at times, can get mad easily, alot of people likes "tricia" , Good friend, all boys want her as a friend, can be confuzing, can be skinny, and short, Best of all, Tricia= Sweet, pretty/beautiful, smart.
A guy: What type of girls are you looking for?

Other guy : A Tricia
by Gamer1221 June 22, 2009
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To slash or rip in a gruesome manner.
Wow! That hawk sure did tricia that squirrel.
by unwantedpainandsuffering June 17, 2008
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Tricia is a lovely friend, who is as beautiful as an angel and all the boys fall for her looks. She is amazing at art and gymnastics, but she doesn’t really enjoy the other sports. If her friend is in trouble , she will help (eventually) .
You’re a good companion, your a tricia
by Susannover June 11, 2019
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the most amazing girl ever.

yes shes tiny and skinny but shes funny as hell and always tell the truth. loves everything vampires but wishes people didn't know.
and of course super spicy.
jacob: omg that girl is such a tricia!
edward: i know. i'd turn her into a vampire. ;
by teefeld March 15, 2009
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