Roses are red,

Gillians sometimes wear blue,

they’re lowkey kinda short,

But if you say that to them they’ll punch you
Todd: “Hey look it’s a short gillian
Gillian: “punches him”
Todd: *dies*
by El perro Grande blanco October 1, 2020
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An amazing person inside, attractive, can be shy on the outside to new people but once you get to know them very outgoing and silly in a good way. Best friend to possibly have, never tells secrets. Sometimes insecure because others put them down. Gillian is a truly fun person to be around.
idk my bff gill....ian

Gillian is one of my greatest friends
by Gillian W April 8, 2008
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Is really shy, but really pretty. She can be very insecure, but she's actually amazing with basically no flaws. Thinks she has a lot of flaws, but she doesn't. Lots of guys want to date her, but don't want to be called a bandwagon by admitting it. Has a gorgeous body.
Gillian is the nicest girl I've ever met!
I love Gillian, but I'm scared to admit it because everyone does.
by Your Favorite ;) December 7, 2016
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Gillian is a name originated in english. Came from the names Julian and Gill. Gillian is pronounced "Ji-lee-in". It is my friend's name and if you pronounce it wrong I will break your fucking leg.
Random bitch: wait your name is Galagadin right?
Gillian: sorry no its pronounced G-
Me: *Breaks random bitch's knees
Gillian: I-
by Ur_dumb March 5, 2021
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Gillian. Her eyes tell an entire story, When you look into them, its as if you're looking into a telescope aiming at the night sky. They glisten like stars and look like universes. She's the girl you see at the beach or the airport but dont have the balls to go up to; but you remember her for the rest of your life. She has that smile that can brighten anyone's day and a voice that will put you to sleep. She knows like alot of shit too about political theory, communism, problems deep within america. You'll probably learn 5 new things everyday by just talking to her. She will facetime anyone except kids named tyler. she despises people who make hot chocolate with water and she also thinks seaweed tastes good even tho it doesnt really. shes outgoing to, she makes you happy when your upset and shows she cares. she takes her time though, but if you wait for her itll be worth it. she also thinks bob ross is a FRAUD PHONY LIAR WHO PAINTS THE SAME PAINTING OVER AND OVER AND SHOULD GO DIE IN A HOLE. also when you incel fuckers had crushes on somer ray, real men had crushes on gillian
everyone wants a gillian but noone can get a gillian. its like level 9 on metroid
by hello my name is tyler 1234 December 2, 2020
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A common Celtic name for a woman; the original/Gaelic spelling of the American name Jillian.
Ever wonder why Gillian Anderson is awsome? It's because she spells her name right.
by BrazilianCowboys February 7, 2010
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Freckley, cool, curvy goddess often with razor sharp wit and a stare that could cut steel if crossed. Fiercely loyal and protective of friends, she is the woman that you want fighting your corner.
Can and will drink most men under the table.
Was the sporty hilarious quick witted girl at school that all the girls wanted to be and all the boys fancied the arse off but didnt dare speak to for fear of a brush off.

Can look complete strangers up and down and make a spot on judgement within seconds
Did you see that woman give me the once over?
Yeah she totally Gillian'd you
by Gingersmut April 12, 2011
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