expressing your opinions on a subject to another person without taking their feelings and circumstances into account.
if your being insensitive then you seem to put your opinion across without thinking about the other persons feelings on the matter.
by numptie August 3, 2006
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the type of guy who never expresses their emotions by not taking the other persons feelings into account. Never gives you a straight response and always keeps you hanging, which confuses and fucks you up to the point where you remember your first breakup.
Friend: why does Macky always fuck me up?
You: because he's an insensitive prick babe
by insensitive April 26, 2018
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A continual insensitivity, often an enticing act amongst insensitive people.
Tommy: hey, i’m sick of you always calling me a baby back bitch.

Cady: it's insensiticing.
by tmhusky69 December 24, 2018
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Someone who makes a seemingly innocent remark but still offends somebody.

Originated in "Calvin & Hobbes 14-02-1986" and is a widespread humorous response to a comment on
Comment: If the Windows emulator for Linux is Wine, I guess the Mac emulator for Linux would be Mace?

Response: It's a "compatibility layer", you insensitive clod!
by Verlorenes Metallgeld July 17, 2008
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Cares only about her self, doesn't care how you feel or how you'd react, tries to be head of your life telling who you can and cannot date, relies on you to keep them out of trouble, can be a homewrecker (at times.) makes a big deal out of everything.
Heather is a insensitive bitch, All she wants to do is get you in trouble.
by Flarping April 9, 2014
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usually someone named james, only cares about themselves regardless of what’s going on.
man jimmy is being an insensitive prick to me about what i’m going through!
by guesswhotho October 19, 2023
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