The funniest skit to come off of the funniest show of all time, saturday night live.
Connery: I'll take The Rapists for Twenty!
Trebeck: That's Therapists, not the rapists!

Trebeck: Mr. osbourne, you may now choose
Ozzy: Chews? alright i'll take charleston chews for sixty millionssss
by Pumba December 25, 2004
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A female Jeopardy contestant that is hot in the standards of the average female Jeopardy contestant. In everyday life you probably would not even give her a second glance but she is a dime piece compared to the typical Jeopardy contestant.
Man, I hope Michelle wins tonight so we can look at those luscious tits and average face again tomorrow! That girl is definitely Jeopardy hot!
by Wangbone April 21, 2011
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When you recently learn about a new person, place, or topic (often from game shows, similar to Jeopardy) and then the person, place, or topic randomly comes up in conversations or reoccurs in your everyday life multiple times.
The answer to a question on Jeopardy was Keith Ferrazzi (an author), and then one of my co-workers sent me an e-mail about him inquiring if I was familiar with him. A few days later, I read a newsletter and Keith Ferrazzi was mentioned in it. This is an example of the Jeopardy Effect.
by Charmed Charisma July 3, 2009
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To play this demented but fun game you will need your family to participate ( pets included!) Before sitting down to watch Alex Trebek grace us with his vast knowledge in jeopardy, each family member must strip naked. After each family member is naked, each player must put their hand firmly on the opposing family members genitals ( Even number families are encourged to play this game only). Instead of buzzing in with the correct answer, the player has to stroke or "beat" the shit out of the opposing players genital that their hand is on in order to make the loudest noise ( ex: balls hitting the leg , or vaginal lips flapping loudest). The person creating the loudest noise will be choosen by a family member who participates in being "Alex". Also money is not an object in this game, after each round whoever climaxed the most is eliminated. Finally once the players/player reaches final jeopardy and answers the question correctly, they are forced to drink the loosing players semen in order to gain immortality.
Man, I totally look at my sister in a new perspective now after playing Family Jeopardy.

Family Jeopardy is the main reason of our divorce Dr.
by Brent Champion May 28, 2008
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That doo doo doo doo doo doo doo sound that plays during Ginal Jeopardy on the TV show, but when someone asks a tricky question in real life, a douchebag will probably repeat it for annoying sound effect purposes.
George: What's the capital of South Dakota?
Mike: Ummm....
George: Doo doo doo doo doo doo dooo...
Mike: Stop playing the Jeopardy Music it's so annoying!
by notinsouthdakotalolzerz August 5, 2012
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it's a game you can play like jeopardy where you are presented with the "answer" or punchline to a joke and are asked to come up with the "question" or a statement that otherwise would elicit that punchline.
"Want to play joke jeopardy?"


punchline: to get to the other side.
setup: Why did the chicken cross the road?

punchline: the gooey-decimal system.
setup: How are porno stores organized?
by Skullthuggery September 7, 2006
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The banter/dropping of names between two Jews of finding out who knows who
"Do you know Irving, Miriams husband that lives in Florida? "
"Ahh doesn't he have a brother that lives in an apartment above Gristedes between west 62nd and 63rd?"
"Oye I know that schmuck very vell"
"Then you must know my brother Izzy then?"
by Uncle Tom March 22, 2005
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