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Immortality (or eternal life) is the concept of living in physical or spiritual form for a infinite length of time. What form an unending or indefinitely-long human life would take, or whether the soul possesses immortality, has been the subject of much speculation, fantasy, and debate.
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As i define it's my seek
god promise us with an immortality either in hell or haven according to our mortal life behaver.

for old Greek warriors : immortality = glory
by Ahmed Tahoun April 26, 2007
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(Immortal)Frank: Hey Mike, wanna become expert dueling yo-yo tricksters?

(Immortal)Mike: Sorry Frank, I already did that fifty nine quintillion years after I achieved immortality. With Jesus.
by bied January 20, 2008
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To live forever and never grow old or die.
God, the angels, and the human soul possess immortality.
by Cainman September 10, 2013
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Term for "everlasting life."


It is normally used in fantasy books or movies and also in religious terms.
Vampires are immortal.

God is immortal, and cannot die.

Immortality is a long life that never ends.
by ImmortalxLove August 09, 2009
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Immortality is defined as the indefinite continuation of a person's existence even after death. In other words, it is a never-ending existence, regardless of whether or not the body dies. I mean, it is the state of being able to live perpetually. -Emeasoba George
Immortality is synonymous with eternity.
by Emeasoba George April 15, 2018
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Immortality is not only someone who can’t die but also survived death and came back normal
Justin h has immortality and survived death more than once
by Tiberius William stormwind March 12, 2020
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