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TLA is a three-letter-acronym for three-letter-acronyms
by uncle tom December 13, 2004

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B.E.T. should rename its "Rap City" show to "Techno City" because not one of the songs played was rap POETRY at all.

Besides, rap was dead and rotten by 1997 anyway.

*Note: Rap is not music.
If This station really is Black Entertainment Television, and it is dedicated to playing black music, why the fuck isn't it playing jazz, oldskool hip hop, funk, disco, bebop, swing, reggae, traditional African music, caribbean, black European music? And why the Hell are they only playing songs about blings, bitches, booze, and blunts?

Black Entertainment Television my ass.
by Uncle Tom April 26, 2004

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party shit, n

When, at a house party, the bathroom line becomes noticeably longer than it usually does, it it because someone is in there taking a huge crap that couldn't wait until later. Or maybe he was too stupid to clear his colon beforehand. Either way, when the perpetrator leaves the bathroom, the entire place stinks to high heaven.
dude, that was one foul party shit, I hate you.
by uncle tom January 12, 2004

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The banter/dropping of names between two Jews of finding out who knows who
"Do you know Irving, Miriams husband that lives in Florida? "
"Ahh doesn't he have a brother that lives in an apartment above Gristedes between west 62nd and 63rd?"
"Oye I know that schmuck very vell"
"Then you must know my brother Izzy then?"
by Uncle Tom March 22, 2005

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yeah its really annoying, watch me abuse it...
VaVaVirgil: hey, yeah, let's talk about smoking. how do u feel about it?
user: i love it
VaVaVirgil: u must like having bad breath too.
User: yup
VaVaVirgil: yeah, it really matches ur yellow teeth
user: gold teeth, slut
VaVaVirgil: ok...
User: i bet you smoke
VaVaVirgil: i'm a robot. i don't smoke.
User: of course you do
VaVaVirgil: my thoughts exactly.
User: you are a dirty slut you know
VaVaVirgil: that's not cool.
User: but thats what you are
VaVaVirgil: that right?
User: sure
VaVaVirgil: sure enough!
by uncle tom January 12, 2004

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A term of woe exclamated by a dyslexic Jew oye oye vey
NOT in the sense of street ghetto Yo
"Yo my goiter is acting up"
by Uncle Tom March 22, 2005

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An abbreviation for "Nigger."
That guy who called me last night was a n'er.
by Uncle Tom August 04, 2003

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