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The funniest skit to come off of the funniest show of all time, saturday night live.
Connery: I'll take The Rapists for Twenty!
Trebeck: That's Therapists, not the rapists!

Trebeck: Mr. osbourne, you may now choose
Ozzy: Chews? alright i'll take charleston chews for sixty millionssss
by Pumba December 24, 2004

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1: A person of the odd kind, usually dwelling in the northeastern kingdom. 2: (latin):"king," so natually those named Regis have above average abilities in art or leadership.
3: A good friend; A Regis should be regarded as good friend, one to be appreciated but not taken advantage of.
Damn regis we goin' brappin to texas?

Regis your drawing is the shit

Regis will conquer us all someday

Hey regis want to go to that part tonight?

Regis come here NOW
by Pumba December 17, 2004

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1: A .45 caliber Firearm, usually a handgun.

2: A song written by Shinedown, with arguable many meanings but most certainly not about a breakup. many believe the song is about conformity and the dangers and sorrow of our shallow society.
"Yo nigga i bust you with my .45"

"send away for a priceless gift, one not suttle, one not o nt he list..."
by Pumba December 18, 2004

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1: the sound a negro typically makes when playing basketball. means "pass"
by Pumba December 18, 2004

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an adaptation of the last name bizzle, first seen in a response to a comment by a T Nasty
t: Yo yo abulla bulla i'm T-Nasty

Z: I'm Z Bizzle
by Pumba December 17, 2004

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The warthog in the lion kng
Timone and pumba are haveing hot passionate sex
by Pumba June 20, 2004

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Exclamation or interjection

1: The sound an ATV or other small gasoline propelled vehicle (usually a snowmobile) makes

2 (usage): Usually sounded off in hallways or public places, meant to draw attention to the fact that snowbobilign season has arrived or will soon begin.

Trav's mom: *sigh*


Trav: (turns into random classroom) Brrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaap
by Pumba December 17, 2004

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