The man who aint afriad of anything in this world. He a true alpha that can talk to anyone
Irving is warrior who grinds for his life
by EternalKingJohnny March 19, 2021
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He is cute and an Amazing guy. Girls will mostly like him because of the way he acts. The funny dude. Once you hang out with him you will never want to leave. When girls like him, there will be a chance he will like you back. Good luck girls! Sometimes he will get what he wants and will get it. Smart and is a math whiz! Loves math! Immature at times and will have the potty mouth but he is still very cool. People call him Gay. This may not always be true. He will love you! Hug him every single day. Kiss him every night. Dont forget to cuddle him! I will always love, Irving!
Jenn: Hey Kate! Guess what? I like IRVING!
Kate: Omg! Rlly?
Jenn: Yea! I wish he was mine!

*Looks at him
Irving looks back and smiles
Jenn: He looked at me and smiled! He is such a Irving!
by Its Jenny! February 8, 2018
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Yo, that chick is hot. So hot that I would irv.
by B. Santi83 October 11, 2020
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Outlandishly bold action which causes awe. Usually in life threating situations.
That honey badger just irved that bear in his nuts
by princeabubu90 May 28, 2010
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IRV, which stands for "Instant-Runoff Voting", is a type of voting for single-winner elections in which voters NUMBER their ballots according to their preferences (IE "1" for top candidate, "2" for their second-favorite candidate, etc.), rather than mark one with an "X" by his/her name.

Candidates must get a 50%+1 majority in order to be declared elected. If nobody achieves said majority, then the candidate with the least amount of votes is dropped off and his/her votes transferred to other candidates until one candidate wins.

The intention is that a candidate has an absolute majority without any of the following:

1. tactical voting (voting for a major candidate so that a reviled candidate doesn't win)
2. spoiler effect (a third-party candidate "taking votes" from a major candidate)
3. negative campaigning (where candidates campaign so that it's like "Vote for me and nobody else." -- INSTEAD, candidates would say, "In case I'm eliminated, make sure to send your votes to him/her.")

IRV was invented in 1870 by William Robert Ware (a U.S. American architect), who based it on the single-winner version of the multi-winner Single Transferable Vote, which itself was invented by Carl Andrae (a Danish politician and mathematician) and shaped by Thomas Hare (an English lawyer).

In national politics, IRV is used in the following countries (There may be more, but here's what I found so far.):

~ Australia (Australian House of Representatives; by the way, Australia's notorious for demanding that voters rank ALL of the candidates in order for a vote to be considered valid)
~ Ireland (Irish Presidency; Ireland's small and doesn't have to resort to an electoral college like the U.S.)
~ Fiji (Fijian House of Representatives)

Other names that IRV goes by are Alternative Voting, Preferential Voting, Ranked-Choice Voting, the Hare System (after Thomas Hare), and Ware's Method (after William Robert Ware).

((I'm not 100% sure if Urban Dictionary would approve of me listing websites here for informational and education purposes, but...))

For more information on IRV, you can visit

~ Instant-Runoff Voting @ Wikipedia (
~ Instant Runoff Voting (
Here's a sample of what a voter's ballot would look like when using IRV:

Alex = 5
Jane = 1
Chris = 3
Sue = 4
Rudy = 2

If Jane (ranked #1) has the least amount of votes, then she gets eliminated and this voter's ballot would go to Rudy (ranked #2) until one of the four remaining candidates (Alex, Chris, Sue, and Rudy) wins or gets eliminated and so on.
by Obscure.Anomaly May 7, 2006
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Irv Gotti. Holds Murder Inc. Label including Ja Rule.
by g April 23, 2005
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To participate in any activity for an extended length of time, usualy 5 or more days.
I decided to do a dancing irv from that Thursday to Monday.
by Alex September 7, 2004
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