Scooby Doo doo doo is Scooby Doo crap.
They had to stop filming the cartoon when Scooby dropped a huge steaming heap of Scooby Doo doo doo.
by scodder June 29, 2010
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Succumbing to the uncontrollable urge to dance in an uncommon and often uncomfortable way to a stereotypical eighties beat.
Whenever Josh uses that e-piano setting on his keyboard, anything he plays makes me want to doo dah doo doo.
by The Atomic Pun October 18, 2008
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A word that could replace any sexual thing or action (usually used multiple times in a dialogue).
1. "Did you see that girl? Her doo doot doo doo was huge!"

"Man, I'd like to doo doot doo doo her doo doot doo doo."

2. "Aw, man I just hit myself in the doo doot doo doo! I won't be able to doo doot doo doo for a while."
by Mr. Good Hands August 29, 2009
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