When someone is highly intelligent, a person who knows about everything, knows all the correct answers to to all the hardest questions.
Wow! That's another correct answer, Matt you're jeopardy smart!
You have the correct answers to every question the teacher asks.... you're jeopardy smart Mikey
by Iceman#6 October 25, 2022
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Not dating the same person twice, acknowledging the fact that you broke up for a reason.
"Hey man, I heard Kim wants to get back together with you, you going for it?"

"No way man, double jeopardy rule; the bitch is crazy"
by Barbary Lion August 27, 2012
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Doing actions that you don't allow others to do.
Being ok for you to ignore your spouse but not ok for them to ignore you.
Double' Jeopardy- the allowance of you to do wrong but not others.
by Steven Bunton April 5, 2022
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When you're waiting for something to happen *Jeopardy Music Ensues*
Hym "Oh jeez oh man... It can't possibly be that I was right... There must be some excuse... I wonder what the excuse could be? 'You weren't sincere!' Oh? That would be convenient for you, wouldn't it? The arbiter of meaning everyone 👏 👏👏 And it would trap me in a situation where even if I was, you still aren't required to adhere to your own ethic. Because it's isn't about 'ethical behavior' it's about mediating outcomes. It's about you controlling your own behavior in spite of or regardless of your ethic and the behavior of your 'lessers' being controlled..............."

Hym ".......... Hello?"

*Jeopardy Music Ensues*

Hym "Hello?.......... I guess I'll just sit here and not do anything for ever...... Or I'll just do what other people want me to do...."
by Hym Iam August 11, 2022
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When a contestant, especially a girl, on Jeopardy smiles.
20th Century Fox presents
Jeopardy Kids Week - July 4, 2011

Alex Trebek: Charlotte is from Washington, D.C., right?
Charlotte: (smiling)
Alex Trebek: You smilin' Charlotte? That's a Jeopardy smile right there!
Charlotte: Yeah.
I saw the 1994 20th Century Fox logo at the beginning.
by 20thCenturyFox1953 July 9, 2011
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When someone is telling an incredibly boring story but you can't stop them because you sparked the conversation.

Similar to the game show Jeopardy, where host Alex Trebek has to endure the painfully boring stories of the contestants.
Luke: ...so I go to the store and then Ernie is there, and he's, like, staring at me and then he pushes his cart awa-

Harry: I hate to interrupt you, but this is a total Jeopardy story.
by tractorscum July 27, 2016
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When a girl you see on Jeopardy Kids Week is smiling at you.
This July 4th, 2011, on Jeopardy, Charlotte was smiling at me! She's a Jeopardy cutie! I also saw the 1953 20th Century Fox logo at the beginning!
by 20thCenturyFox1953 July 7, 2011
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