Michelle is the kindest, sweetest most caring person you will ever come across,

Anyone who dumps her or leaves her is making a huge mistake, not only is she compassionate and caring but she is

also very pretty. Her eyes shine brightly, her hair is a beautiful colour and her smile could light up the whole room, or even the whole world, if you know her you are the luckiest person alive
Person 1: Michelle is so beautiful isn't she?

Person 2: I know right? Whoever knows her is lucky!
by Pepskallion June 6, 2022
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Michelle is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She will always be kind to you. Any man who is lucky enough to have her in his life should be thankful. any man who dumps her is a complete idiot. she will be a loving companion, or a loyal friend. no matter what, always be kind to her, and she will be kind to you.
Michelle is overall amazing. nothing else to it.
by Pineapple_under_the_sea November 21, 2013
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Gorgeous, talented, and extremely kind. Though when rude to, may be rude in return. A Michelle also may seem happy and peppy, but may be hiding problems from people she isn’t very close with. People who know a Michelle are lucky and disliking her may be a mistake.
Man1: Michelle is very kind!
Man2: yeah, I’m lucky I know her.
by WowzieNoKnowMe!! February 22, 2018
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Michelle is the type of person who goes out of her way to be kind to people because she believes everyone deserves it. She mostly uses her intuition to make decisions which frustrates a lot of people. But she has cultivated her intuition over the years and prefers to let it guide her. Michelles are great investigators but can sometimes be obsessive and make faulty assumptions.

A lot of people named Michelle were hurt and tormented by those they loved and cared for in their childhood. And because of this, they have a hard time trusting people and some have developed the toxic habit of loving/caring for people though mistreatment and abuse.

Michelles are pretty hard to understand and rather than take the time to understand them some people often just jump to wrong conclusions about them. People often question Michelle's motives but most Michelles only have pure intentions and fear hurting other people.

A lot of people think Michelle doesn't like them but Michelles generally like people. If a Michelle likes you in a romantic way she probably won't tell you but she won't stop talking about you (without you knowing) and will introduce you to her friends.
Some may say Michelles have fickle hearts but I have never met a Michelle who doesn't have a difficult time letting go of things they truly love but are doing more harm than good.
This is Michelle
by milkyway909 April 16, 2022
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Michelles are really nice. caring. pretty. smart. they are usually brunets but that is pretty. they are caring about there friends and like everyone. they always think on the bright side and they are great actresses! they can also sing and dance. the boy she likes that dosent like her needs to get to know her becuase he dosent know WHAT he is missing. Michelles arent goodie goodies and they arent bad. they are daring and fun. if you get in a fight with her, you better make up because she a type of friend everyone loves. shes funny and she loves everything from scary movies to comedys. she has beautiful eyes. when you meet a michelle, she is outgoing but a little shy. when you get to know her, you wont forget her.
boy: i met a michelle i cant get her out of my head.

other boy: I have met a michelle once, and she was so beautiful and funny and i wish i could see her again!

boy: i think im in love with her!
by 1234xxx June 28, 2012
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Born with the courage and wisdom of Athena. Her words and stories foster from those of renown. Her love for the one she choose is envied by Aphrodite. Blessed with the heart of a lion and instincs of a weathered warrior in the heat of the battle. Born with wings of an angel and lips as soft as cotton. Her anger is felt like thunder in a stormy night when pushed to the edge. When happy she will bring joy to everyone blessed with the presence of her sheer beauty.
by gunner3 January 8, 2012
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Michelle is a beautiful woman who can change your outcome, she is a hardworking and caring person. When it comes to sadness she will always be there for you no matter what is going on. She will always have faith in her surroundings and will make you your better you. You are always lucky to see a Michelle if you come across one.
Stranger: “I wish I looked like her”
Michelle: “Don’t say that, we all look gorgeous in our ways.”
Tue May 3, 2022
by Miiyah ❤️ May 4, 2022
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