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A beautiful name for a (young) beautiful girl. She is outgoing, very funny (or tries to be), and has a unique style. She is also very lovable, but can be awkward at times. She is the type of person you can easily get along with. She will be there to comfort her friends when they need it. She has a gift of discernment, meaning she knows when something is up. She has a great voice, but is shy to show it to the world. She needs more confident. Also, she can be very hyper at times. Even with her flaws, she is still perfect because the amount of flaws she has cannot compare to her flawlessness.
Person 1: What's your name?
Person 2: Michelle
Person 1: I love you already :)
by hwinhwinhwin July 03, 2013
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Michelle is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She will always be kind to you. Any man who is lucky enough to have her in his life should be thankful. any man who dumps her is a complete idiot. she will be a loving companion, or a loyal friend. no matter what, always be kind to her, and she will be kind to you.
Michelle is overall amazing. nothing else to it.
by Pineapple_under_the_sea November 21, 2013
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Michelles are really nice. caring. pretty. smart. they are usually brunets but that is pretty. they are caring about there friends and like everyone. they always think on the bright side and they are great actresses! they can also sing and dance. the boy she likes that dosent like her needs to get to know her becuase he dosent know WHAT he is missing. Michelles arent goodie goodies and they arent bad. they are daring and fun. if you get in a fight with her, you better make up because she a type of friend everyone loves. shes funny and she loves everything from scary movies to comedys. she has beautiful eyes. when you meet a michelle, she is outgoing but a little shy. when you get to know her, you wont forget her.
boy: i met a michelle i cant get her out of my head.

other boy: I have met a michelle once, and she was so beautiful and funny and i wish i could see her again!

boy: i think im in love with her!
by 1234xxx June 28, 2012
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Born with the courage and wisdom of Athena. Her words and stories foster from those of renown. Her love for the one she choose is envied by Aphrodite. Blessed with the heart of a lion and instincs of a weathered warrior in the heat of the battle. Born with wings of an angel and lips as soft as cotton. Her anger is felt like thunder in a stormy night when pushed to the edge. When happy she will bring joy to everyone blessed with the presence of her sheer beauty.
by gunner3 January 08, 2012
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-Stunningly beautiful girl who's incredibly talented.

-Amazing singer and knows how to work her body on the dance floor!

-Has a low self esteem even though she's absolutely gorgeous.

-Very intelligent and charismatic.

-Kind, compassionate, and loving.

-Has a big heart which usually gets broken from loving those who do not deserve her love.

-Great in bed! Beautiful inside, and out. (has some killer sexy curves too).

-Usually Michelles have an adorable laugh and eyes that out shine the stars! If you meet a Michelle, you better watch out, because she'll be irresistible!
-extremely horny
-likes to be a naughty girl quite often
sexy nice butt cute smile sweet funny Michelle
by November 22, 2013
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A truly amazing girl any man would be lucky to have.. The most beautiful person you will ever come across, both inside and out . Any man would be lucky to have her and only the best deserve her .She combines intelligence, sexiness, true beauty , caring, kind ,humour and all the best qualities , in other words she is perfect. Usually brunette or dark haired with amazing eyes. Can come across as weird or strange but that what makes her loveable and never boring . Her friends love her and she's always there for them . May be Scorpio or Leo . Has an evil streak to her personality but doesn't normally show it . Complete sex kitten , looks the meaning of innocence but one or two men can disagree, the best kisser and great in bed but not a whore , can be very fussy when it comes to guys and picks only the best.Hides her feelings, doesn't like to talk about herself and will often avoid questions. The best friend or girlfriend you could ever ask for .
1:oh my god have you seen her !
2: oh my god she's beautiful must be a Michelle
by flyguy83 December 29, 2011
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A truly beloved girl. Someone who cares about everyone and everything until you cross her.

she is noble, and has a smile and laugh to night a room up.

Michelle's are usually curvaceous and built like a Pin-up girl. Tan skin to highlight their Deep mysterious yet intelligent eyes.

Michelle's also have gorgeous dark hair usually in natural curls or slight waves, but always in a large thick mane around their beautiful goddess looking face.
Michelle's are mostly Leo's and it shown in their leadership and infectiously bubbly personality. Their free spirit is whimsical and refreshing for anyone's life.
They are a perfect girl to bring home to the folks, and to bring home to bed to. Everyone needs a Michelle in bed at least once!
"Michelle is so beautiful and smart, I think I want to marry her someday"


Me: "hey dude, I have a date with Michelle from English class"
Friend: "No way!!! I am so jealous!"
Me: "I know! that girl is wild!"
by Bubble Avenger November 11, 2013
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