A neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, IL

Referenced by King Von as a rival gang in his song Crazy Story
“From 64th, and from 65th, we not from 63rd

63rd is fulla opps on my momma
by Boy 1da June 24, 2021
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This originated from King Von in his song Crazy Story.

The line: "From 64th, and from 65th, we not from 63rd"

He explained on Genius that the people from 63rd are petty, dirty, and up to no good. Not the kind you want to associate with. Basically a bunch of punk ass bitches.
His bitch ass from 63rd

That tweaker definitely from 63rd

You look like a ratchet ass hoe from 63rd
by Jasber November 19, 2020
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Where Jojo Siwa is from
JOJO Siwa: we from 63rd
by cheetodust78 November 20, 2020
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63rd street is a main road in Chicago. It runs through Woodlawn. It rose to fame when famous O-Block and BD rapper King Von dissed them on his song "Crazy Story" GD gang members reside on 63rd and as a result they are bitter enemies.
Gangsta 1: where you from gang?

Gangsta 2: 63rd street

Gangsta 1: we not from 63rd

*Gangsta 1 assaults Gangsta 2*
by ソサ// Sosa February 25, 2022
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Street where snitches and dirty dealers are common place.
EJ is from 63rd, you can’t trust that dude.
by 42 Duggernaut December 23, 2020
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