The jelly donut sees the amazing guy with a epic house and lavish life style and begins to rage and accuses him of wasting his money (Like that makes sense)
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When you are engaging in sexual intercourse with a female while she is on her period. When you cum inside of her, a mixture of blood and cum will ooze out. Hence, giving the appearance of a Jelly Donut.
When I banged my girl while she was on the rag, I was expecting a cream pie. But instead I got a Jelly Donut.
by Vinny V. May 18, 2006
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When your girl is on her period you roll her in powdered sugar and aim for the red spot
I was in a rush this morning. I only had time for a jelly donut.
by Greg Toland December 6, 2022
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You guys are close. Here is a jelly donut:

While receiving oral sex, when a guy is about to come, he shoots the jizz in his partner's eye, and then punches her eye so that it swells up and shuts with the blood and nut trapped inside. The swollen eye with the mixture inside is similar to a jelly donut.

Note: it is the actual swelling/closing of the eye that makes this feat a "jelly donut."
"Dude, last night I gave Carla a jelly donut. She was none too pleased."

Guy: "Wow, waht happened to your eye? Are you okay?
Girl: Yeah, I'm fine. Clarence gave me a jelly donut last night.
Guy: Sweet.
by CocomoLSU June 19, 2007
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The act of getting head, where just before blowing your load, the you punch her in the nose and give her a cum facial.
by Ons Sick MF August 31, 2006
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busting the nut into the nostril and then punching full force into the nose to draw blood
I gave that bitch the jelly donut.
by Captain Mudge October 3, 2003
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When a girl or guy (for all you fags out there) gets cum in the face & then is punched in the nose or lip to mix cum & blood to make pink pearl jam. Sorry Eddie.
Me & my girl are into sadomasochism so i gave her a gruesome jelly donut last night & in the morning she kicked me in the balls. "Hey bitch, you're getting a Dirty Tony Sanchez tonight!"
by sikwill October 20, 2005
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