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a pink, glowing liquid which transforms regular turtles into adolescent, anomalous, turtles with martial arts training.
Oh no dude, the shredder totally used the ooze on himself!
by Sweet MamaJamma April 07, 2005
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To be in an uncontrollable state of mind through the use foreign substances.
"I drank so much last nite, I was soooo oozed."
by FlexIn September 16, 2005
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A fluid emmited from a cheese like substance commonly found inside the genetalia of a unhygenic or disgusting person. it could also be used as a referance to any other disgusting fluid.
Have any ooze?

Justin bieber licks his own ooze

Oh no! my ooze has escaped

Ewww! she just rubbed her ooze on that guy!

Can I have some ooze with that sausage?
by geophase May 31, 2011
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another word for a STD, mostly referring to the kind that puss and ooze during breakouts, and other nasty shit
now she has the secret of the ooze.
by WhodiBrown January 02, 2008
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When you are doing too much and need to sit down somewhere.

Other words to use are chill, vibe.
Just ooze bruh, you doing to much.
by ogtuck November 06, 2017
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