The obtaining of sexual pleasure from sadism (= hurting other people) and from masochism (= being hurt)
by skippy June 14, 2003
the deriving of pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting or submitting to physical or emotional abuse.
by Keith April 25, 2003
a sexual life style that a person lives in which sexual pleasure is derrived from giving or recieving pain.
the easiest way to give your girlfriend a black eye and everything is still cool.
by sue sunday July 28, 2004
a sexual practice that can be incorporated into the general lifestyle of a person by which sexual gratification is reached though torturing others or being tortured by others (usually a passion partner) or humiliating or being humiliated by others.
S&M paraphenalia can be found in many stores on Broadway, but as they are pricy sadomasochism can be a pricy lifestyle
by Dezmene May 17, 2006
The most fun a person can possibly have.
I go to the store and I see a brightly colored and neat package reading, "Genuine leather whip; great for your sadomasochism-loving cowboy or boss!"
by Malafides Lucius December 3, 2006
A compound word mixing the words sadism (sexual pleasure from hurting others) and masochism (the sexual pleasure from getting hurt. Psychologists recognize this as a sign of sexual/physical abuse from a person's past and it is also a psychological disorder. It is part of BDSM (bondage & submission, dominance & submission, and sadism & masochism). People aren't always a fan of doing both, but it is common.
Josh: "Are you into sadomasochism?"

Ashley: "I'm into being hurt and hurting during sex, so, yes"
by MasochismQueen December 13, 2015