Something someone does when they see Kim Kardashian’s giant butt
I just jaculated to her
by That banana man October 26, 2017
Buddy!!! I've puke-jaculated all over this floor!
by matt311 February 16, 2014
Last night, Lorenzo was sucking my cock and I defi-jaculated all over his chest, some call this the cousin of the Cleveland Steamer.
by J-Ru October 15, 2003
The emotional, mental, and sometimes physical orgasm that occurs when viewing a hard sensual body in their natural habitat
I hang on SoBe because of the eye-jaculation opportunities on the beach.
by BigLouie1950 December 3, 2010
the act of verbal ego stroking entered into by groups of people who think that taking ecstasy somehow makes them superior to others
(v):“I had to leave the party all the e-tards were e-jaculating all over each other”
(n):“e-jaculation is the e-ville epidemic of our age”
by jedipants September 28, 2003
a diatribe often launched by those who don't take ecstacy slating those who do because they don't realise that it's all a matter of choice and neither one decision nor the other is superior
that boring fucker just e-jaculated all over me
by Bob December 11, 2003