1 a bad ass drink

2a gravity bong made from a sobe bottle that will get u mad high
man i want a drink tht is the shit. o ya i got a sobe

man that last sobe fucked me up fast.
by 3points August 27, 2006
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Southern portion of Miami Beach. Locals do not refer to it as SoBe but rather as South Beach. Some overpriced restaurants but good beaches. Like in Miami proper, hard to find people speaking English in most of the stores.
Metrorail does not go into SoBe, so we had to take the bus across the MacArthur Causeway.
by Nutmegger September 24, 2003
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The best brand of drinks ever. They are like liquid hooray or something. Loved by all those in the #jj2 and spiffyjuice worlds. Liquid sex.
Tsunami is the best kind of Sobe.
by Spaztic November 15, 2003
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SoBe is one of the best drinks out there. Comes in lots of flavors, including Orange Carot (I forgot the SoBe name)
Was a lot better when it was just a local drink.
SoBe (formally South Beach) was a lot better when it was a local drink before Pepsi bought it. Norwalk CT Representin!
by Bandrew February 8, 2005
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gravity bong hit made out of a sobe bottle. gets you stoned like no other.
I just did 3 sobes in a row. bye!!
by oonooonoo April 7, 2009
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SoBe can be defined in just two words: LIQUID(or mouth) ORGASM
I took my girl friend to dinner, and had a mouth orgasm
by Shadow of the Grimmace August 28, 2005
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