Lorenzo is a laid back typa guy and doesn’t give many fucks. He might in the inside but doesn’t show it. He doesn’t get attatched easily, but once he does, he doesn’t let go. He’s sporty and smart, and is different from most guys. Lots of girls like him, but he probably doesn’t care for them back. He’s loyal and determined, and you don’t regret getting to know him. He always seems stone cold but is loving on the inside.
You like lorenzo? Good luck.. he doesn’t like anybody really..

Lorenzo’s a god at sports

Have you seen lorenzo? He’s so cool...
by kookiekutter May 25, 2019
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A swag dude who likes booty and chiks he wears gucci and is a good friend
by Boibang August 25, 2019
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A young savage. Put ur hands on him he finna put his hands on you. Shoot at him he finna shoot right back at you
I shot at Lorenzo and he shot right back
by DuRaqFaygo February 12, 2019
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Lorenzo is a kind boy that will Anything for his girlfriend and his family he will take care of anybody and he love girls he had a big dick and he kinda shy but once u get around Him and start knowing he's not going to be shy anymore
by Baby jocker 🤣🤣 February 5, 2019
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husband type , smart mouth , there for you when you need him , a nice gentleman.
I love me some Lorenzo...
by by me : February 21, 2016
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Someone who is the nicest person you will ever meet. He is dedicated and hardworking, and is determined when he sets his mind on things. A Lorenzo will always be there, when the rest of the world turns its back on you. He will be the one to help you in your time of need.
Lorenzo is awesome!
by Butterfingers123 June 2, 2009
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Lorenzo is a very funny guy and is kinda the class clown. He doubts himself a lot but is very intelligent and is in set 1 for maths. He has a great friendship group and is a pretty popular boy. He always has someone’s back and will never leave you hanging although he can be a bit annoying with his jokes and can wine his siblings up too much. But he will always apologise and get over things fast as if nothing happened. He is also very into sports like football and rugby but also cycling and skateboarding however one thing that annoys people is that he always does something different .
‘Oh is that Lorenzo he’s super cool and a great footballer I wish I was as funny as him’
by Presley2006 June 4, 2020
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