That fuckin' cunt that become the #1 most popular celebrity in the world despite having no talent, weird eyebrows, a girlfriend that he cheated on, and songs about sweatshirts and "Love".
Girl: You are a Jacob Sartorius!
Popular Douche: And you're a Milly Bobby Brown!
by C0nn3r5 June 19, 2018
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An ugly creature known for moving its mouth to popular music. Jacob Sartorius is known for giving many people cancer as well as spreading the cringe virus.

An ugly little boy who needs to back to "tutering."
I cringe whenever Jacob Sartorius "music" comes on.
by LittleMeomers December 1, 2016
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a stupid 13 year old that is rich because his parents sued a condom factory because the condom didnt work. Nicknamed Jacob Saggytits
Guy1: Have you listened to Jacob Sartorius?
Guy2: Yes, it is horrible.
Guy1: Agreed
by MrDylanyay July 13, 2016
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Acts like he is 16, but really he is a fetus. Thinks he is a "musician" and "songwriter" when all he can come up with in a song is a dirty unwashed sweatshirt.
You are being a big jacob sartorius, chill fam
by okmiscshrews May 21, 2016
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Talentless little boy with elf ears who thinks he can sing but sounds like a dying cow.
Omg you are such a little Jacob Sartorius
by Big.goth.titty.slayer August 2, 2018
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The most vile creature to exist. Just one look at him and you want to drink bleach.
Person 1: oh my god did you see that guy over there!
Person 2: Yeah and omg what a Jacob Sartorius, gross.
by Gross stay away May 5, 2016
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GAY AS FUCK! And very cringe wothery so you should stay at least 15 to 20 feet away at all times
Jacob Sartorius can be kinda gay at times.
by James Stiltonn June 24, 2017
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