When you want yo nigga or bitch to relax.
Isha: Ayo is we gettin tbell then headin back to yo place or should I just fucking go home?

Tyrone: Chill fam
by YungCassper28 November 26, 2014
A term used when people are overreacting or being utterly ridiculous.
Person 1: Hey dude, I uh...ate the last piece of pizza.
Person 2: What the fuck! I swear to God if this EVER happens again, I'm going to chop your dick off with the pizza cutter.
Person 1: Gadzooks! Chill fam.
by MalevolentCupcake February 11, 2016
What you tell a friend when they need to relax.
You need to Chill Fam
by O9OGamer May 4, 2016
when fam members get too excited and they honestly just need to calm the hell down
Fam: honestly we should just cancel the whole thing cause my girlfienn's not going.
Other member: chill fam chill
by thecookiemaker June 23, 2015