A phrase said which means to change the subject
Girl: “Where were you last night”
Boy: “I was with the homies
Girl: “that’s funny because snapchat showed you at Kenzie’s house”
Boy: “20 feet”
by ForeignGOAT April 2, 2020
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How deep the legend Beetlejuice thinks a 6 foot hole is.
Hey Beet if you dig a 6 foot hole how deep is it. Um I think it’s about 20 feet.
by WillC73 May 7, 2020
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A: Hey! Look what I found!
B: Oh my god! A 20 feet dildo, please spare my ass.
A: *Aims*
B: *Runs*
B: NOOOO! I'm hit!
by Xyience December 15, 2007
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