the most caring & amazing person ever, so sweet to his supporters.
cute, funny, incredible & amazing 16 year old.
i love him (:, a blessing to this world
by istanalotofpeople October 1, 2018
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Jacob is a kid from Virginia,he was adopted because his birth parents couldn’t take care of him.He has many haters around the world but he could careless all he focuses on is is music and his fans :). I’ve been supporting Jacob since he was 13 and he’s grown so much. His music has improved a lot and I’m honestly so happy for him. He’s an inspiration to me. For all y’all haters just sit back and watch him keep winning :)
#sartorians #SartoriansVSEverybody
Have you listened to “Better With You” by Jacob Sartorius ?
by jacoblover101 December 20, 2018
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The queen of all f*** boys. He's one of those guys that little girls love for no reason. You'd think he'd be at least cute but he's uglier then the devil's Butt
"Your Thot cousin is such a Jacob Sartorius/Saggytits"
by Someone Yue April 17, 2016
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Teaches people that being different is good , kind person , different , uses all social media’s , uses mostly tiktok and instagram , always interacting with fans , talks about bullying and mental health to help people , crazy ........
Jacob Sartorius is a good kind of different

Jacob Sartorius makes me realise me being different is good
by Millie Ward February 1, 2020
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The most thoughtful boy, the hottest boy
Jacob Sartorius is hot
by Fhjddjjd April 28, 2019
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a singer/songwriter with over 9 million instagram followers. gets a lot of hate but doesn’t deserve it.
Ayo have u hear Jacob Sartorius new song it’s a total bop
by Mya MacEachern November 7, 2020
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