a fuckboi who has no talent and who makes millions off of rapping the abc's (also has saggytits)
hey m8 look at me the MLG OpTiC_Keemstar (use code keem) then look at that abc's singin, bubble gum dum dum, muffin lookin, mug over der jacob saggytits
by FrOsTeD_sMoKe June 17, 2016
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1. Jacob Sartorius. An 18-year-old stuck in the body of a twelve-year-old who has one viral song that has 2.1 MILLION dislikes placing it in the top 14 most disliked videos on Youtube.

2.A "stoner" who probably only smoked once or twice and has "🍃" as his most used emoji.
1. I fucking hate Jacob saggytits he is a waste of a human life.

2. HaHa he just paid me $50 for a gram of oregano, what a Jacob saggytits.
by sammyel December 4, 2020
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Jacob Saggytites was Musically star but now he came back to be a plain big fat liar of a fake E-Boy he tries, he paints his nail, chains, and etc of what E-Boys wear
His real name is Jacob Sartorius. AKA “Jacob Saggytites”
by Uwwuwueu April 13, 2019
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The queen of all f*** boys. He's one of those guys that little girls love for no reason. You'd think he'd be at least cute but he's uglier then the devil's Butt
"Your Thot cousin is such a Jacob Sartorius/Saggytits"
by Someone Yue April 17, 2016
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