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My husben

Jacob sartorius is my everything
by Alicia sartorius January 31, 2017
A person who's fame is questionable, due to lack of talent and eyebrows.

Also known to be popular around 12 year olds.

Nicknamed jacob saggytits.
Your as useless as jacob sartorius!
by acoolsloth May 5, 2016
Known as the worst fucking singer in the world.
Oh hey it’s Jacob Sartorius
Oh what a dumb fuck
by st6273 February 20, 2019
That 13 year old kid on Musical.ly and Vine that's on Magcon and gets constantly roasted by the world.
Yo bro did you see that Jacob Sartorius?
by Nikelala April 12, 2016
The absolute cancer of the internet. I made a new best friend after watching him... Clorox Bleach.
Person 1- Who is the cringiest kid on the internet

Person 2- Duh, Jacob Sartorius
by Triggered Reptilian November 25, 2016
A young white fuck boy. With a talent of lipsyncing because he sucks at singing.
Girl: Who is this white fuck boy in musical.ly?

Me: That's Jacob Sartorius
by Athena Adams May 16, 2016
That fuckin' cunt that become the #1 most popular celebrity in the world despite having no talent, weird eyebrows, a girlfriend that he cheated on, and songs about sweatshirts and "Love".
Girl: You are a Jacob Sartorius!
Popular Douche: And you're a Milly Bobby Brown!
by C0nn3r5 June 19, 2018