Not to be confused with jackhammer, jackrabbit is NOT a compliment! It can be characterized by a painful, non-enjoyable sex experience. When being the victim of such a sexual encounter it is best to watch tv, or take your mind off of it in some manner. Planet Earth is generally suggested.
Wow. I had jackrabbit sex last night, it sucked.
by Kurah Whorekapic November 2, 2009
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The act of dying repetitively.
Guys help i am going to jackrabbit.
by Bord November 27, 2014
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The act of shoving your penis into any open hole on another person's body rapidly and repeatedly. This should be, but is not required to be, a sneaky act and one done with caution seeing as the person will become extremely angry.
I jackrabbited that bitch to show her who was boss.

One of my favorite hobbies is jackrabbiting

by Jackrabbitmeister AKA Kakashi February 23, 2009
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An impeccably fit man that uses his skill and endurance to have prolonged, tantric-like, sex of varying position and rhythm to ensure his partner has multiple mind-blowing orgasms.
He's a total jackrabbit; I came seven times last night.
by VerySatisfied March 5, 2015
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1. The most amazing sexual toy for women ever. One of which men cannot compete with.

2. A sexual toy made by women for the purpose of pleasuring themselves when they plan to destroy all populations of men.
1. I used my waterproof jackrabbit today, I couldnt stop cumming!

2. This jackrabbit will allow us to take over the world! *evil laugh*
by Kris10theGrr8 July 28, 2009
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One who masters in the art of permanently having sex no matter how old they are
by The messiah January 22, 2004
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