An evil laugh is a typical of a antagonist in a story, since they are usually characterized as dark and merciless people. This laugh is often used when displaying a show of power; it seems to give the character in use a malevolent feeling at times, making the mood more dark or angsty.
-Zehahahahahaha (Blackbeard from One Piece)
These are all examples of an evil laugh.
by I'm just bored. Heh. November 5, 2013
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where someone (like your friend) makes an evil laugh-sound that kinda creeps you out, and it's REALLY HARD to type on the computer.
YOU: hey {insert creepiest friend's name here}!!!!!
YOUR FRIEND: i farted!!!!!!!!!!! ::EVIL LAUGH::
YOU: um......OK? i think i'll slowly back off now, please don't attack me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (screams hysterically)
by PIGGYWISDOM March 9, 2013
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The Evil Laugh Rule says, " No man may steal someones "Evil Laugh" without permission. Anyone who does so will receive serious consequences. An example of these consequences is walking down D street, eating deep fried watermelon, or jumping off the Stratosphere".
"Evil Laugh Rule" Muahahah... Heheheh.. Bwhahaha.. EVIL!!
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