John has been hitting the smack hard and now he has got a really bad jack rabbit.
by neilos May 20, 2012
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The act of shoving your penis into any open hole on another person's body rapidly and repeatedly. This should be, but is not required to be, a sneaky act and one done with caution seeing as the person will become extremely angry.
I jackrabbited that bitch to show her who was boss.

One of my favorite hobbies is jackrabbiting

by Jackrabbitmeister AKA Kakashi February 23, 2009
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An impeccably fit man that uses his skill and endurance to have prolonged, tantric-like, sex of varying position and rhythm to ensure his partner has multiple mind-blowing orgasms.
He's a total jackrabbit; I came seven times last night.
by VerySatisfied March 04, 2015
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to fornacate like a rabbit at the same rate of feroscity as a jack russell
He was rattling away like a wee jack rabbit!
by nickyboy10 April 28, 2006
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A young male animal interested in sex, even if it means they may wind up victim to a vicious predator, specifically, a cougar.
Tim left the bar with that lady, he's such a lucky jackrabbit.
by Takometer January 19, 2007
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