When someone is waterproof, it means solid. It has to do with leaking a secret or snitching. One who is waterproof will not leak any information to someone else.
1.Come on, tell me. You know I am waterproof.
2. "Why did you tell that kid?" "Don't worry he's waterproof"
by Tyrone Bigums May 21, 2008
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When a member of the female species has all her bodily cavities filled with penises, fingers and/or dildos she is said to be waterproof.
Mischa Barton had Ron Jeremys cock in her pussy, Stephen St Croix snake crawling in her rectum and John Holmes dick in her mouth, and was thus waterproof when Rocco Sinfredi sprayed her with Pimp-juice.
by The Cockroach November 8, 2007
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When you inadvertantly scam yourself without realising
My friend tried to get his 'Rolex' waterproofed by the guy who sold it to him at the street markets in Bangkok...
by skepticsteve March 24, 2010
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How waterproof an object is.
The waterprooficity of this object is very high and is more waterproof than the other choices.
by delkup April 6, 2023
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Drippin’ in ice. Laced AF in top flight jerwery preferably from Eliantte. If Debo takes you chain(s), you are no longer waterproof.
The owners of LAIR been waterproof since they started!
by HoodieWithTheBoogie January 25, 2019
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When two people are having sexual intercourse in the same latex fat man suit while submerged in a pool, lake, ocean or any type of liquid, therefore ensuring satisfaction and staying dry.
Tony "So what did you do last night with Emily?"

Anthony "We had waterproof sex, it was like doing it and defying gravity"
by Russian. May 12, 2010
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This shit sure as hell works because it won't come off until you wake up the next morning and there's a bunch of black flakes all over your face and in your eyes. If you really want to get it off burn your eyes with some hot water and melt it off.
"Hey you've really had this waterproof mascara for a while now!"
"Haha that's because I'm wearing the same coat of mascara from last year!"
by ;)))))))))))))))))))$ July 18, 2015
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