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The guy who believes that games cause violence and starts many court cases against them. He is actually just introducing a scapegoat that kids can blame when they kill someone
Jack Thompson is really freakin moronic
by Syco_Simon June 11, 2005
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an idiot. Claims video games make all kids violent and it's the industry's fault for making these games.
by Final Fantasy VII March 11, 2005
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a activist who pointed out that "in every school shooting, we find the kids who pull the trigger are video gamers", despite the fact that the majority of male teenagers play cod and halo, and many of them don't grow up to murder someone.
Jack Thompson: that kid who shot the other kid at school played cod! That's proof that video games brainwash teenager's minds!
Random guy: the kid he shot played cod too.
by thecakeisn'talie August 16, 2010
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A senseless lawyer; Anti-videogame fucktard ambulance chaser who tries to sue video game companies for making games that supposedly cause violent crimes(tries being key word)
Blames the game developers for things that wouldn't happen if parents knew what responsibility meant.
by I hate asshats May 07, 2005
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a lawyer who defends kids in murder cases by claiming that video games brainwashed them into doing it. Where do I start with this one?

-His license to practice law in Alabama has been revoked.

-He had several accounts, all of which were banned.

-He claims that the original Doom trained the Columbine shooters, and that Halo trained the D.C. sniper attacks, both of which statements are outrageously ridiculous when you consider how realistic those games are (I'm referring to gameplay, not graphics).

-Every email reply he sends is always something like:
"piss off you little queerbag" or "your favorite industry has been exposed on 60 minutes you fagtard" (with that same punctuation and capitalization).

-He hasn't won a single court case with his position. Where the hell does he get his money from?
Jack Thompson is a COMMUNIST!
by SPARTAN 117 November 25, 2006
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A anti-game crusader who blames everything bad that happens on video games.
Video games caused 9/11
Video games Murdered my family
Video games promote child obesity
Video games caused katrina to destroy New Orleans!
Despite how much I hate him I agree that games are rated M for a reason, Yes im talking to you 12 and under on Counter-strike.
Jack Thompson: I will offer $10,000 to anyone who makes my game!
Fighting hell fish: here it is, we call it Defamation of Character

Jack Thompson: oh, umm I was just kidding haha, it was sarcasm you see...
by Gamer4life October 20, 2005
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-some dumb shit who thinks that video games cuase global warming, school shootings, the rapture, mad cow disease, and huricane katrina. He continues to sue Grand Theft Auto, and almost never wins. I personally think that he is just lining up scapegoats for when kids kill someone. (like me)
by the samm April 25, 2007
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