1. to take decisive action with no certainty of the outcome
2. To make a decision that may very well require inflicting a result that is detrimental to self or others.
Although I know this family has know where to go, and that I may lose my rental because of the loss of rents, i am going to "pull the trigger" and evict the family.
by Lorenzo Davis February 13, 2008
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to make an irreversible decision.
akin to shooting a gun- once the bullet leaves the barrel it is on its path.
after the cancer treatment didn't work for johnny he decided to pull the trigger and quit.
by jilm October 22, 2016
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To purchase something, often a big-ticket, expensive item. Often used by geeks on enthusiast forums.
Person A: "So, are you gonna pull the trigger?"

Person B: "Nah, I'll wait for the new model."
by iUberGeek May 27, 2010
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To force oneself to puke by sticking a finger down the throat...used in the drinking sense, rather than the bulimic sense.
When we got to the 150th minute of trying to join the bicentennial club, I realized I might have to pull the trigger if I wanted to stay in the game.
by Nick D May 10, 2004
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To initiate positive change in a new romantic relationship. This could take the form of telling someone you like them, asking someone on a first date, or kissing them. Pulling the trigger can also be shortened to p.t.t.
"How'd it go with her last night? Did you pull the trigger"
"Oh, you know... a gentlemen never tells."
"You're the man!"
by Nathan Shep May 27, 2007
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To bring on or reach the point of no return in a male or female orgasm.
When I fuck Mary, she always gets me to pull the trigger.
by pentozali December 26, 2011
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When fingering a girl with your first two fingers in the vagina and thumb placed on the clit essentially with your hand in a gun position using your thumb to "pull the trigger"
I'm going to pull the trigger on that puckbunny tonight.
by Lexieeeeee August 26, 2007
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