1. A lawyer specialising in personal injury claims usually representing people against local authorities or large companies.

2. Derogative description for a personal injury lawyer who specifically seeks out clients for tripping and slipping cases against big companies. Certainly in the US, this is because the lawyer's fee will be a percentage of the client's damages award - therefore making it profitable to find injured former employees of big companies.
1. Q: What sort of practice is it?
A: Oh, he's an ambulance chaser.

2. A: "That guy who got his arm
mangled up in our machine is suing"
B: "Who's he got?"
A: "Some ambulance chaser."
by Richter September 20, 2003
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Ambulance Chaser
An Ambulance Chaser is a term for an unethical lawyer, especially those who represent plaintiffs in personal injury actions.

The term is derived from lawyers who follow ambulances to hospitals after a person is injured, usually determined through the lawyer's use of a personal police/fire radio scanner, in order to attempt to drum up business by convincing a victim that he or she needs to sue, or by simply being the first lawyer in contact with the victim, generally when the victim is most prone to suggestion and easily talked into suing.

In most jurisdictions, lawyers can be disbarred if caught engaging in such unethical behavior. Bar associations regularly dispatch investigators to large-scale disaster scenes to look out for unethical lawyers or their non-lawyer agents (known as "cappers" or "runners").

Good Example of Ambulance Chaser:
A lawyer who comes to a classroom and asks the students who were bullied to sue the bully for intentional infliction of emotional distress, so he in turn can receive a large contingency fee.
by Alex Pachiano October 29, 2006
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A lawyer who looks out for accidents or incidents in which he can help someone sue for his own gain
When I got into the brawl at the pub the ambulance chasers came out after me
by AgentM September 21, 2003
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As soon as he arrived in the emergency room following the car crash, he was greeted by three ambulance chasers.
by chiggley December 2, 2004
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1. Someone who runs after the EASY dream, not willing to do what it takes to earn the real thing.
2. A lazy person who chooses the easy wrong over the hard right.
Lawyers aren't the only "ambulance chasers" out there. Look at all the kids in Hollywood searching for the magic formula that they think will launch them to stardom. None really make it. . . .
by William Dean A. Garner September 20, 2003
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the 95% of lawyers that give the others a bad name
She's an ambulance chaser with the law firm of Chasem,Screwm & Craponem
by Jake February 29, 2004
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A civil lawyer who advertises
on tv:"I'm Frank D. Azar, attorney at law. Have you been injured in an automobile accident? You may be entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Call me, I can help."
by Pure Moonburn September 22, 2003
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