the act of intentionally having an off-topic conversation in a thread in order to prevent the thread's original topic from being discussed
When xbabycakesx made a thread in which she posted pictures of her new tattoos, some righteous guardian angel of messageboard crusader hijacked it by posting animated .gifs of nefarious cartoon tubers engaged in devious sex acts, thus preventing her from losing face by shifting attention away from the embarrassing photos she had posted.
by Elliott November 14, 2005
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the term used when an arab person steals something
by the December 12, 2004
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When you are trapped in a conversation you don't want to be in.
I was just having a conversation and this dude verbally HIJACKED ME! LIKE A PLANE. HE HELD ME HOSTAGE IN HIS CONVERSATION AND I JUST WANTED TO GET AWAY AND HE KNEW IT. I must have said I had to leave like 5 times, but he KEPT TALKING! Luckily, my friend came to the rescue and saved me.
by ARealLifeMerida March 25, 2016
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Forum speak, is when a thread is taken from one direction of discussion to another completely off course topic or many different topics in a short period of time.
The Canadian members on SXC are well known for hijacking many topics in the free photography communities forum.
by newbrand November 26, 2005
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A popular online pairing between Jack Overland Frost (Of Rise of the Guardians) and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Of How to Train Your Dragon)
"Yeah I ship Hijack"
"But neither one of them are gay?"
by Aedan Frost March 23, 2013
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1: Masturbating in a plane when in mid-flight(especially in the cock-pit)

2. Masturbating while stoned
Yesterday, I was hijacking in a hijacked plane
by PowerSerg June 16, 2011
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A Hijacker could be defined as one who masturbates on a plane. This could also be considered as "sneaking into the mile high club."
Upon his return to the United States, the world traveler shares his experience of masturbating over the Atlantic Ocean. His only defense was "Who can't go 8 hours without choking it?" Phil rightfully names him the "Hijacker."
by MikeydaV May 18, 2006
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