~Ja - (pronounced like yháh).

Often used by Parman as an answer to everyday questions and situations.
Person 1: Hey, how are you?
Parman: Ja
Person 2: JA
Person 3: Ja bedankt (look up for definition!)
Parman: lol
Person 4: Thank you well
BOB: Heftuúg (look up for definition!)
by myfriendsaredead June 2, 2010
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a much much cooler way to say "yeah" or "yes"
Dude 1: hey dude, wanna go to carls jr. after school?

Dude 2: ja!

by Annonymous Sac October 16, 2008
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by damnNL September 30, 2019
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Ja is a god in Rastafarian culture. He is often depicted as a hummingbird which speaks German and can often be seen in many Rastafarian hymns
“Is it I, Ja?
I have heard Ja calling in the night.
I will go Lord,
If you lead me.
I will hold your Rastas in my heart.”
by GuruNanak69 March 14, 2022
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A Norwegian term for “yes
Person “Hey, can you give me $5?”
Norwegian “Ja!”
by Obhioan April 15, 2022
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