134 definitions by Jennifer

When somebody is being annoying, i.e. a total buttmunch.
Your little brother is such a harp. He is always bothering us.
by Jennifer December 30, 2004
The most annoying bloody man in the whole world. PLEASE REMEMBER: He does not represent any reality of real British people. He is an arrogant bast*rd who acts the same in every one of his films as in reality; so therefore he is not really an actor.
"Look Hugh Grant's got a new film out"
"Oh, there's no point seeing it; it will be actsactly the same as all his other ones"
by Jennifer April 9, 2004
Kanata is a large town in Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada. Very boring. Has a few shitty schools, one of which is Katimavik, and another of which is Trinity. There are two gangs, one of which is the Bluz, so don't wear a black bandanna, or you're going to be in shit. There's tons of druggies, teenage whores and cutters. Most people are fake and won't accept anybody with originality. There's lots of crime and vandalism. Many, many white boys who engage in rap battles and dress like thugs and pimps, who spout wigger talk from their mouths.
Let's avoiding going to Kanata, it's full of druggies.
by Jennifer February 28, 2005
When you are just good friends with someone, that means that you wish and pray to be more with them, secretly.
Jason and I are just good friends! I swear! (I love him, I want his body)
by Jennifer July 14, 2004
Getting high on crank and getting drunk.
Do you only have beer? I'd rather get krunked
by Jennifer January 30, 2005
something that is prior to something not after
He waited 30 minutes BEFORE going swimming
by Jennifer September 20, 2003