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A man with the name of Cha Cha. He lives in a hut in Japan, and also drinks socky. His beard and hair takes 7 years to grow, so it is immpossible for him to have a bun. It doesn't matter, though, because he stole Gackt's bun when it got chopped off and... Gackt walked away like a mofo.
Cha cha stole my dress. *SHAT*
by Jennifer May 13, 2004
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noun. Louisiana Creole term meaning "darling," "sweetie" or "honey." From French "chéri."
Ki sa se bon en Nouvu Olean, mon cher!
(It's all good in New Orleans, my darling!)
by Jennifer October 20, 2004
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Any latino, especially one of primarily Native American and/or Black heritage. A medium-toned African American of an especially attractive complexion.
Christina Milian is "brown".
by Jennifer October 20, 2004
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it another word for fresh or new fo all out thurr who dont kno wat anotha word fo fresh is
that whip right thurr is cold!
by Jennifer July 24, 2004
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