A fat ass motha fucka who directs videos for the biggest pussy on the face of the earth -Ja Rule
Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body
by Phat Joe August 13, 2004
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A fat ass faggot who directs all of Ja Rule's gay ass videos
Irv Gotti fucks little boys.
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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a wannabe who everyone hates (especially eminem and all of guint) becuz he directs all of ja rule's gay videos. Ja called 50 "loose Change" eminem "feminem" and dr. dre "gay" but we dont care cuz he raps like "cookie monsta" and is the BIGGEST WIGGA ever. to heck with all of MURDER INC!!!
"hi im Irv Gotti. i think im kool but im really just a fat lame director who wants to be gansta but is in the lame murder inc with benzino and ja! we are wankstas! slim needs ta come beat us up again!!"
by none ya December 24, 2003
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An awesome producer\director who dated Ashanti and is rumoured to sign Christina Milian Jayo Felony , Beanie Sigel , Shyne , Method Man, and Petey Pablo to The Inc. So what if he's in beef with G-Unit. Vanessa Carlton is signed to his label.
Irv Gotti is cool. He's a dad to 2 girls, too.
by Sman22 March 22, 2007
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