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related to anal and wev basicly a mixture of the two, basicly fliddy purple creatures butt fucking each other
purple playtypus having ses with a butt
by Matthew December 24, 2004
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Man on Radio: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the underpatting?

by Matthew December 23, 2003
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The choice of morons and sucm everywhare
i can't tie my own shoes but i can use aol
by Matthew December 12, 2003
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Someone with enough time and money on their hands to sit at a school in the middle of nowhere, and do absolutely nothing, and go absolutely nowhere, and eat absolute crap for up to 8 years of their meaningless life
Hey, why does that guy have absolutely no personality at all? Oh, thats Matthew, he went to Campbell University.
by Matthew April 03, 2005
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car-TON-ic (adj): A condition where an appearance or an occurrence possesses or takes-on qualities most often associated with cartoons. For instance, when a mouse literally smashes a cat's face flat with an ironing board; alternatively, an individual with an hilariously bulbous nose and a bubbly voice.

antonyms: reality
1. I stubbed my toe which then swelled up to cartonic proportions.
2. I saw Penelope Cruz in person and my tongue actually dropped to the floor and rolled out like a little red carpet with its own tiny paparazzi. It was sorta cartonic.
3. My cartonic grandfather is rather diminutive, blue, has a beard, wears a red cap with matching pants and no shirt.
by Matthew November 19, 2005
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Cutting Ones
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TV/VCR Repair
Or GET YOUR DEGREE! Just do this art test and send it back to us.
The Future Is You... ...probaly
by Matthew September 29, 2003
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Chalut is a slut I made this up because a teacher yelled at me and my usual word to say to n e 1 is slut so I was like you freggin slut when she yelled at me and then she was like what? and I was like nothing you always think everythings about u u always think ppl b tlkin to u but its not like that I saved myself from getting introuble lol
Damn ms. your so freggin annyoing you freegin chalut

damn ma your leave me alone u chalut

your such a chalut
by Matthew February 06, 2005
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