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The part of the female body, also known as the vagina, in it's most ferocious, and prodigious form.
OMG, a thundercunt! Run!
by Matthew January 1, 2005
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As well as being the best game ever made it is the game that brings us the new "All your base are belong to us". By bringing you You're Winner or to the hardcore fans You're Winner!
by Matthew January 21, 2004
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Ma Man Fat Joe doing His thang doin da lean back da hottest song and dance of da summer take dat white people yal whites need to learn to dance
by Matthew January 26, 2005
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Heart of ice, of a snowy nature
A type of tundra
1)That Niveous fellow aint human....merciless and relentless.
2)The worst snow storm we've ever had was a light niveous of powder.
by Matthew July 10, 2004
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A mythical creature who dwells as the master of Critteroth and spends him time fighting over a bag of cookies with Oreo Bear. Other characters in the CruddyBuddy stories include Admiral Barnacle, Oren Oreo, Crappy Pappy, Cruddina Buddina, Hariel the Mermaid, and Sid the Squirrel.
Cruddy Buddy swore he would give up his whole bag of Oreos if Oreo Bear would become alive again, but then went back on his word when he found out Oreo Bear hadn't died.
by Matthew March 2, 2005
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The name of a 1986 album by Van Halen.
5150 is the greatest album ever to be released.
by Matthew September 28, 2004
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