121 definitions by Matthew

One of the many halarious words to say out loud while chilling with your friends. Other such words include the word ointment, and flaborgasted.
Hey guys, Flamingo. Flamingo!!!
by Matthew September 2, 2004
Toyota about as american as a ford and yes i kno its not considered american but hey like i said as american as a ford
by Matthew December 12, 2003
Man on Radio: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the underpatting?

by Matthew December 23, 2003
awesome machine rated top motor 3 yrs on the run stupidly quick
by Matthew August 26, 2003
1. A blatant typo, during the execution of "lmao" the fingers are set upon the incorrect keys, in fact, one too many to the left, on the right hand. This results in "knai"
hahah... that's funny! knai!... lmao*
by Matthew July 27, 2003