3 definitions by Ashleigh Keys

A phony/a fake. good examples of wannabes are all those fake rappers who try to be real rappers eg. Tupac Skakur or Biggie Smalls.
Tha Realist, Ja Rule, Blac Haze, Master P, C Murder and Krazy = TUPAC WANNABES

Shyne and Guerilla Black = BIGGIE SMALLS WANNABES


Angelous - JAY-Z WANNABE
by Ashleigh Keys April 17, 2008
Biggest Tupac Wannabe out there besides Jevon Jones (Tha Realest). Does nothing but steal Tupac's lyrics and copy his cross, bandanas and bald head. He should change his name to Mockaveli.
Ja Rule needs to get off Tupac's dick.
by Ashleigh Keys May 18, 2008
Slim Shady is to Eminem what Makaveli is to Tupac.
Eminem, Tupac, Slim Shady, Makaveli = Tha Realest of all time.
by Ashleigh Keys May 16, 2008