The blue...thing in Sesame Street that used to consume cookies in large amounts, but has now been turned into the Veggie Monster to make sure that the children of America will not go and become fatter than their parents.

"Hey, did you see the Cookie Monster?"
"Say what? Who dat?"
by Crashfromtheotherside November 6, 2006
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when one eats cookies, then laughs so hard, that the cookie actually comes out their nose..and then later drinks a monster and laughs again, and the monster shoots out of their nose.
"dont laugh too hard, you might pull the cookie monster again"
by pacoskts April 7, 2009
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Beloved Hungarian born Sesame Street regular, who fled Budapest after the 1956 Soviet Invasion. He emmigrated to Zaire (now The Democratic Republic of Congo), and taught languages to the Luba tribe, including English.

He was hired in 1967 to teach the letters of the alphabet on a PBS pilot "Sesame Street" and continued to commute between Sesame Street to his classroom in Zaire, when scheduling permitted. Houston Rocket Great Dikembe Mutombo was a former English student of his, and they often dine together in New York.

With the overwhelming fame that came from the success of "Sesame Street", Monster drew attention to issues near and dear to himself. He demonstrated outside the Soviet Embassy following the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and was a constant presence on Television round table discussions during the Polish Solidarity movement of the early 80s He is also an outspoken advocate for Diabetes research (having been diagnosed in 1962).

When the wall fell, the Cookie Monster was finally reunited with his wife Ildiko and his now grown two sons. His daughter died of mad cow disease in 1975, having never seen him again since his flight from Budapest. Hungarian television blocked access to public television, and denounced Cookie Monster as a traitor and a thief. Ildiko died in 1992 during a grease fire in her new home in Paris.

He currently lives in Monaco with his new wife Prairie Dawn and their three children. He serves as a special ambassador to the UN Human Rights committee, and is also acting as special liaison in the current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
The Cookie Monster is subject to seizures and violent outbursts, which have taken a toll on his furry blue intestinal tract.
by Kermit the exiled Frog. March 14, 2008
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A furry blue monster from Sesame Street who takes out his sexual frustration on baked goods.
by biteme April 16, 2004
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What comes after the letter "R". Also known as a funny Vine from Sesame Street.
Kermit the Frog and little girl: (singing) Q, R,

Little Girl: (giggling) Cookie Monster

Kermit: ...
by Joey Calvan December 4, 2017
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The act of penetrating your female partner's rectum with your thumb and inserting your other four fingers into her vagina. Move your thumb and fingers as you would a sock puppet, thus creating a cookie eating monster. (Voices are encouraged for maximum arousal.)
My girlfriend likes to role play, so I suggested Sesame Street. I rolled her onto her stomach and gave her the cookie monster until she squealed like Ms. Piggy.
by Tris Shedaw December 6, 2010
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Pronoun: Name of arguably the greatest muppet ever to grace the popular children's show Sesame Street. When not munching down dangerous amounts of cookies he was destroying the set around him with his huge girth and even huger mouth. A legend in every sense, capturing brilliantly the rampant, bloodthirsty selfishness that every human locks deep in his or her psyche.
"Okay. Me not eat cookie. Me eat.......EVERYTHING ELSE!"
by Coaldrone January 21, 2004
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