The proper name for him is Ja Sucks. Did I mention he's a faggot?
Ja Sucks is a gay asshole and deserves to be nuked off the face of the earth.
by Assholes Inc. August 27, 2003
Angry, midgit black man with torrits syndrome causing him to randomly yell things such as "hollllllllllah" & "it's muuuuuuuuurdah". Known to do duets with fat asses latino woman and black woman with speech inpediments. see J Lo & Ashanti.
Did you see that crazy black midgit who had been sniffing glue yelling weird shit?
Yeah, he was all Ja Rule n shit.
by Blair January 15, 2005
A rapper who used to be good. Once put into mainstream America became a pop star.

Some one who acts hood, then pop, then when confronted about that, turns hood again.
Ja rule has lost his respect from the hood.
by KillahCam March 4, 2004
lil nigga that thinks he can fuck with 50 cent a.k.a. Ja Killa
ja rule gives blowjobs to niggas in his crib
by C-Gansta July 9, 2003
1. Noun. Derogatory term; a synonym for most insulting derogatory terms associated with profanity.
2. A word associated with defecation, faces.
3. A word not
1. Youse a big mothafuckin' hunka Ja Rule!
2. (same as above)
by A.P. September 2, 2003
A wack rapper who used to run NY untill he was crushed by the G-unit.
Ja Rule sounds like Oscar the Grouch, thinks he can sing.
by Myke A April 3, 2006