(n) Amazingly talented individual who's mind and talents creates wealth for themselves and others. Idea or object that enforces the highest potential in it's peers.

Usually follow before the word and or name Mack.
Emmy Award winning Actor Jevon Mack was spotted boarding a Private G6 Jet with unconfirmed actress.
by `Beyonce March 18, 2014
A man who can split a woman's lower regin in half because of size of his lower regin
by Snid December 16, 2014
sweet and funny. always makes you smile. Jevon's are reallly cute with a serious and funny side. don't judge them before you know them, they turn out to be exactly what you're looking for. everytime you see them, you get that warm feeling inside. they're something special.
woah, that Jevon is something special.
by mah nigga ! January 12, 2011
The most awesome guy in the whole FUCKING world!
by noney ounee dtoknow August 25, 2008
Jevon a lanky pussy a wet yute tryna act bad wen he ain't he ain't on piss
Jevon : have you seen the defoniton of me
U:nah lemme see hahaha ur a pussy a wet yute
by Yu unseasoned cabbage December 21, 2019
Well, jevon is a shy kid at first but he’s really nice once you get to know him. He likes chicken and mustard... not necessarily together but you know what I’m trynna say. He’s “amazing” at Fortnite and always wins. He hates spiders and heights. All the girls like him and you’re lucky if he likes you, jevon has a lot of friends and is liked by everyone. He will stay on call with you for 9 hrs just for fun. He’s very funny and easy to get along with, alSo hEs pReTtY cUtE
by Rxinegreen June 9, 2019